The process of accompanying a bride

The process begins at least four months before the wedding date, in order to leave enough time for model selection, measurements, repairs and a safe range in case you want to make changes. When you enter the studio, the most important thing is to choose the style of the dress – for example – a tight cut along the entire body, a tight top and exposed to the waist and from the waist loose / shed, etc ..

It is all determined by the style of wedding you want, and the choice of ballroom. It is better to see pictures of dresses before the meeting so that you get an idea more or less in terms of style .. Then measure some cuts of dresses to be impressed and understand what is really most flattering and suitable for you in terms of character and comfort, of course On a cut and fabrics according to your body structure and personality style and you will also show you things you may not have thought of, from experience and knowledge about the cut of the dress – what it hides, what it highlights and what body it fits. It is recommended that you come with an open mind for measurements, models that are seen on the hanger look different on the body. Regarding a lender – it is recommended to choose one lender that you trust, that is connected to your personal taste and will be focused on you and your desires. Multiplicity of people and opinions can only challenge you.

Once a decision has been made on the dress for the big event in your life, Rani Weinstein accompanies you throughout this special period of preparations until the wedding day. Towards the end of the measurements and repairs, Rani suits you with a veil according to the design of the dress and always recommends consulting her about the design of the hair, shoes, jewelry and accessories so that there is a match to create the perfect look. Rani- “What is most important to me all the way, to be patient and attentive to the client so that at the end of the process the bride will feel most comfortable and complete with the designed dress, so that she will walk to the canopy and feel no less like a queen ..”