The process of creating a new collection

The process of creating a new collection is for me a continuity to the line I want to convey with new excitement, each collection is taken from different inspirations and there are differences between them and here comes the most fun part of the designer to fly with creativity. The process takes several intense months with lots of ups and downs but when I see you with my wedding dresses I am filled with pride and feel that the hard work pays off.

First the most important thing that guides me is my target audience, I will! It is important for me to give an appropriate answer to all the women and sew the dresses exactly to their measurements. To do this, we will divide the brides into guiding categories: personality types and body type, I draw the personas that represent the different types of brides, write what hobbies and interests they have.
Next, I collect a wide variety of pieces of fabric filled with textures, beads, textures, sequins…
Fabrics that represent my line and my audience.
I do a kind of mix and match and draw huge amounts of sketches. From all the sketches I drew I choose the details I liked the most and build the perfect dress, at this point I can already imagine how the dress will sit on the bride, giving the final touches of cuts in slits, necklines, what will be more flattering and worth highlighting and what is better to blur.
The next step always excites me, is a critical step in creating the collection, I order the highest quality fabric suppliers, during the year I am always updated on trends that are going to be the hottest in the coming seasons.

When the new wedding dress collection is sewn and ready, the show stage arrives – production and thinking about a photo concept.
Before the day of the photo shoot, I coordinate measurements with the models, and on them it is important to make adjustments and final corrections. The collection enters the sewing room for another final improvement. At this time I choose which accessories will complement the most appropriate dress, makeup and hair styling.
At the same time, I choose a location that most clearly reflects the vision of the collection.
It is important for me to emphasize that in my studio you can always combine the wedding dress shown in the photos with your desires! You should feel comfortable and the most beautiful in the world in the dress, so I always allow you to change according to the bride’s requirements and according to what seems to me the most flattering to her body structure, whether it is suspenders, belts, deepen or close neckline, add slit, etc.
The studio is a boutique so every bride gets the most personal and considerate treatment.
I put a lot of emphasis on this because it is your big day and it is important to me that you feel it at your peak.

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