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Lovely Rani !!! Thank you for a stunning dress that garnered a sea of compliments, for a personal attitude and patience !! Revital Lehemi.

If it is possible to describe all my service on one foot, it is precisely this quote. Revital Lehemi is one of many happy brides, which I was happy to accompany until her exciting moment, when she walks towards the canopy, where her future husband is excitedly waiting for her. So what’s the magic secret? Well, it can be described as a combination of several aspects, each of which is a world in its entirety and they also join together in an experience that makes every bride the happiest in the world.

Dresses you do not want to take off

“… let’s talk about the dress … oh the dress! I did not believe she could be so perfect and accurate for me and my measurements! Wow! Really wow! I have no words to describe how amazing I felt in her … it seems to me that the hardest part of the whole perfect day we had, was taking off the dress at the end “- Lehi Erel .

When a girl imagines her wedding, she immediately thinks of the dress. Matters of choosing the most delicious catering, the most professional photographer and even the choice of the groom, are pushed aside in favor of fantasies about dresses in bright white and princess design. Each one dreams of a dress that no one will be able to take her eyes off, one that will make her feel like a princess for one day and draw everyone.

That’s exactly my goal. Help you fulfill your dream. I myself am the age of my brides and a married woman. so I have the ability to get into the bride’s head, to elaborate on her vision of the dress and to create life in it through the use of luxury fabrics. And designs that correspond with the strongest trends in the field of wedding dresses, in Israel and around the world. Whether you connect to a boho chic style, or a romantic vintage and even if you are a modern and sweet bride, my studio – Rani Weinstein Wedding Dresses – gives you the opportunity to wear the dress you have dreamed of all your life, without compromising on even the smallest detail. Want to understand how dedicated I am to the process?

Pick up the phone for me 054-5262544 Assures you a quality experience on another level.

Accompanies you all the way

Another way of working that characterizes me most of all, is the warm and personal treatment of each bride. True, a lot of wedding dress designers say that, but I really mean it to the end. I believe that every bride deserves treatment VIP That is why everyone who comes to my studio receives a royal treatment, which accompanies her until the big evening. First I devote time to a brief acquaintance with you. Then, I make an initial sketch and start working, every now and then I invite you for measurements, so that the dress will fit you perfectly. It is quite clear to me that choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting steps in the process of organizing a wedding and I am really re-excited with every bride who comes to me in the studio.

“So like that, it all started with love at first sight in the most perfect dress I found after being in a million other places and wedding dress designers! Rani is a gracious designer and her dresses are just wow, the most special I have seen. And I think the picture will speak for itself … Verni herself is stunning, professional and makes you feel the most comfortable there is. Highly recommend it“- Liron.

In conclusion, my specialty is to capture exactly your dream and get you out of the studio with an amazing wedding dress. Waiting for you to design the dress of your dreams.
Let’s talk 054-5262544 And I will make you happy and confident in the good times of your life.

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