How to choose a wedding dress that suits you?

The most intriguing question at the big event is what will the bride look like !? Which increases the desire to knock out a once-in-a-lifetime performance!

The main question is how to match the dress that will most compliment your body type? What I always say to my brides in measurements in the studio so now is my job is to fit the dress to your body perfectly and not the other way around!

An order is made according to the shapes of body structures so that you know what you prefer to emphasize and what to blur to create the perfect look for you.

How do you check your body structure? very simple. Take a tape measure or any long film you find in your home. Stand in front of the mirror with underwear, press the tape measure to your shoulders and let the tape continue along your body downwards.

1. If the film touches your hips and not your waist it means that your body structure is an hourglass.

2. If the film touches your entire body – the structure is rectangular.

3. If the film touches only the shoulders and is far from the body a body structure is of three inverted.

4. If the film touches the shoulders and diagonally passes through the thighs your body structure is .A and now we will detail each and how to create the female body ideal. Of course it is not obligatory and those who for example prefer to emphasize wide thighs and not blur like Kim Kardashian will rather go for a tight cut and not spill as I will detail below.

a building body -A If the shoulders and waist are narrower than the thighs this is your body structure.

This body type will most flatter a puffy sleeveless dress that will create balance if the width of the hip line. You can choose all types of suspenders that will emphasize the shoulders with a tight cut at the top plus lace or handicrafts that will emphasize the narrow part of your body. At the bottom it is advisable to choose shed fabrics in a delicate faint cut which blurs and spills softly and gently on the body.

Hourglass body structure – This is the ideal structure of a woman and that is where we strive to reach in the design of the dress. The latitude of the shoulders and thighs are identical and between them a narrow waist notebook. It is recommended to choose a cut that will emphasize the narrow waist and beyond that all cuts will be flattering. You can choose tight dresses, a combination of sheer skirts with tight tops plus suspenders.

a building body Inverted triangle – This is a structure where the shoulder line is wider than the hip line.

Our goal here is to blur the spirit of her shoulders by cutting a strapless corset without suspenders. As long as we leave it exposed, no emphasis is given to it and the viewer’s eyes will focus on the dress, the body parts covered with the fabric. (A sheet part in a collar cut also diagonally cuts the width of the shoulders and creates a narrower look at the top of the body.

At the bottom you can combine tulle skirts with a zipper that creates volume and equals the width of the shoulders to the thighs. If you choose a corset cut without emphasizing the shoulders, you can combine a tight skirt at the bottom because the thighs are narrow relative to the top.

a building body rectangular – A structure in which there is no waist entry and a straight and continuous line is seen from the shoulders to the thighs.

I recommend going for a corset cut with oblique bones that create the illusion of narrowing in the part of the waist with or without suspenders. In addition, a single shoulder cut will create a diagonal cut that will blur the rectangular shape. For the bottom you can choose a skirt with sheer ruffles made of chiffon fabric or puffy with tulle.

chest Little – Here comes the question of whether you want to blur or highlight.

Blur – It is better to choose a collar cut that covers up to the clavicle or neck creates a larger look for the chest. Strapless corset in a straight line. A delicate bra or V-neckline plus push-up pads will also give the look of a larger-than-existing bust. To stand out – The deep V-neckline has a clear advantage for a small bust, the look does not look provocative and the bust in it can not move from the dress.

Large chest – We expanded on it in the previous article on the blog) Welcome to take a look, (in a nutshell good support is the secret of the magic. It is advisable to use supportive caps if you have chosen a deep chest cleavage. It is advisable to add suspenders for lifting so that the appearance of the chest does not look sagging. If you have chosen a deep back cleavage it will come at the expense of the chest cleavage plus bones for holding and lifting.

In conclusion – Like I said at the beginning of the article what tips for the ideal look but it really does not require and everyone likes to emphasize or blur and the matter is very individual. That is why it is important that you come to a one-on-one meeting where we will adjust the dress in which you will feel most complete with the look of your body.

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