Do you have a lush chest and are looking for a wedding dress? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect dress!

Wedding dresses are always a big deal, but when it comes to the issue of wedding dresses for women with large breasts, it really is a big deal. Each one wants to look perfect on her canopy day that the dress will hold every inch of the body, sculpt, lift and flatter. In my studio – Rani Weinstein Wedding Dresses – I come across brides of all kinds every day. So I decided to share with you some of the working method on wedding dresses for women with big breasts.

Proper cut is the name of the game

The most flattering cut for brides with large and lush breasts is a corset with “bones” sewn under the breast and lifted and on the way also collects the waist. The diagonal shape of the bones gives an effect of narrowing and toning, while emphasizing the natural data. The effect of narrowing the width of the chest can be created by sewing with princess lines, which run along it and cut it in half.

In addition to the corset cut, you can choose a V-shaped neckline cut, and most importantly – relatively thick suspenders that support the chest. Thin suspenders are not suitable for having a large chest because they are pulled together with the weight of the chest and cut the shoulders.

Proper use of fabrics

When it comes to the topic of wedding dresses for women with large breasts, the choice of fabrics has an important weight in the design of the dress. It is less advisable to fill the entire top with rough and dense competition or large three-dimensional ones that create more load and volume in the chest area.

How to blur the hands area?

In a corset cut, the hands can be blurred with the help of sheer suspenders that fall in a strategic place just below the shoulders and cover exactly the area that girls do not feel comfortable with. In addition, a sleeve can be added to almost any cut according to personal taste, except for cuts with spaghetti straps in an existing model.

Which dress would be comfortable for me to dance to?

Any long dress that is made of soft and sheer fabrics plus slits will be comfortable for dancing. If the choice for the dance is in a short dress then of course also beaded and shimmering lace in the spotlight will do the job and be comfortable because of the length. Any tight cut made of beaded lace fabric or alternatively puffy and long dresses can weigh heavily on the dance floor.

Is it possible to change the shape of an existing dress?

Definitely possible, as long as it contributes to your body shape and is more flattering then even desirable. In some cases significant changes make the dress something very different from the original, in such a situation I already recommend designing a new dress exactly according to your measurements and desires.

Is it possible to make another top in an existing dress?

of course! You can change, add and adjust according to your personal taste and body size.

Is it possible to change the neckline opening as well as the color of the lining and the fabric in a dress in a specific specific cut?

Depending on the studio and designer you come to, not all designers are flexible on this issue, it is very important to me that the bride feels herself in a dress and not on vacation so a lot of changes can be made to make the dress sit perfectly and according to the bride’s desires.

What is the price range of the dresses?

The price range varies for each designer. The price range in our studio ranges from 5,000-12,000 NIS, depending on the choice of model and fabrics, whether you make in a personal design or take a dress from previous seasons.

To design a wedding dress that is customized and accurate to your body type, I invite you to contact us.

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