Collection Delicate Corset Decor

Gone are the days when wedding dresses were purely white.

A new, refreshing and lighter color has accompanied the bridal world for several good years and the color palette includes – beige, milky white, off-white, mobile or blush with the addition of white competition textures. The combination of colors creates depth and interest, as well as the transparency games give an interesting and flattering silhouette plus slits with a lot of style. For brides it was just as important a matter of comfort as beauty, the dresses I design are usually in cuts of delicate princesses, some more classic with white fabrics full of chic and timeless beauty and of course more sexy and bold dresses in different fabric combinations.
I very much connect to the corset cuts that sculpt and give an optical illusion of narrowing the upper body and waist which is the narrowest place in a woman’s body.
There are other designs that are designed that are not corset and most of the time we sew bones from the inside for lifting the chest and feeling tight.
Each model from the collection can be changed slightly in terms of design to fit in the most flattering and accurate way to the body of the bride who will wear it on the big day of her life and who can feel the most beautiful in the world!